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Small sized stand-alone module
This product is fixed to an independent, small PV system such as a street light, communication equipment, or to a Solar Home System in a remote area where electricity is not supplied. It has a smaller capacity and size than the general module.

Communication network installation
in Uzbekistan

Independent PV LED light kit

Photovoltaic streetlight

-Outstanding for small sized stand-alone module
• Produced by small module specific line with semi-automation process
• TUV-I  certified product (IEC 61215, IEC 61730)
• Small module with the best quality and efficiency

Desert module

• Increased durability ensures tolerance to any extreme environment
• With high heat reflection, durability at high temperature, as well as AI J/B and mirror coating of rear side,
it is strongly deterrent to abrasiveness.
•PVB application strengthens long-term credibility

Light-weight module

• Ultra light weight module @250Wp : 8.7Kg!!
• Mechanical loading≥2,400Pa
• 50% or more lighter than existing model
• 2% increased output by applying front film
• 56% or more lighter than modules(20kg→8.7kg)
• Suitable for buildings where installation was unavailable
due to loading