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We provide total maintenance solutions for proactive management not post management.

Introduction of O&M Service
   O&M(Operation & Maintenance) service is to ensure the performance of client’s PV assets by identifying potential problems before they occur directly impacts energy production and to improve the efficiency by repairing current assets.

S-Power is a specialized O&M company that ensures the performance which drives increased profitability through the customized O&M plans.

Pre-inspection Monitoring Check Guarantee
The service includes inspection of all items regarding sites, structures and solar energy systems in detail.
About 18 units of technical analysis equipment are equipped, including an array tester, Mega Ohn tester, electric power analyzers and thermal imaging camera.
SPMC, the integrated management center monitors operation of a power plant 24 hours a day and provides power generation analysis.
The analysis report is provided monthly and quarterly.
Through quarterly maintenance inspection, the company checks for defects and confirms improvement.
At occurrence of problems, the prompt response can be made through emergency service.
O&M service is safe and economical because it includes cash compensation upon failure to reach the guaranteed power generation, registration for CAPS, installation of CCTV systems, subscription of comprehensive general liability insurance as well as insurance for power plant facilities, and other accounting and legal agency services related to power plants.

PV Plant Renovation
   Power Renovation project takes over and renovates the existing deteriorated power plants with reduced output.

Starting from the Woori Blue solar power plant (Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do) in 2012, the projects takes off with renovation of S-Plant Ⅳ (Namwon-si, Jeollanam-do) in 2015.

All modules in S-Plant Ⅳ were replaced with S-Energy modules due to decline in output of the modules of the existing plants, and the self-developed tracker was applied. As a result, the annual average PR has increased by 32%.

Monitoring System
1. System Analysis

· System analysis and report preparation

2. System O&M

· System maintenance

3. PV power plant manageer

· Remote management and resident technicians (Power plants with 1MW or higher)