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Based on our experience over the past 20years,
S-Energy’s PV module has proven to be the most reliable,
durable and sustainable product
SN 60-Cell Mono_All Black

Product details

Anti PID
Anti PID Test result before improvement Anti PID Test result after improvement
In order to enhance PID related to our module’s long-term credibility, the manufacturing process
has been improved and the product quality has been internally verified. The SiNx features have
been enhanced and the improvement of PID due to the conversion to an encapsulant has been proven.

Improved process technology
Advanced T&S technology
• Adjusts Fluxing location and amount with spray type technology in Flux application
• Fundamentally blocks cell pollution with flux resin residue and de-lamination damage by out gassing

Our Fluxing system

Flux application section can be adjusted
Cooling press
• Cooling press is the technology that freezes modules with pressure in a chamber after the laminator process

Without cooling press

For a more sustainable environment, S-Energy is a registered member of the PV Cycle recycling program so that the photovoltaic modules can be properly processed through an appropriated procedure even after their life cycle has ended.

Strengthens inspection technology and long-term sustainability
Vision check
• Through the use of precision cameras instead of visual inspection during the lay-up process inspection, we can detect even minor defects
Insulation Technology
• Applies the insulated bus bar and cell EVA treated insulation patch mitigates the effect of the external environment over extended periods, causing no electrode openings.
• Eliminates de-lamination risk due to supply respiration for long-term use